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Born in Santander (Spain), he was always related to the world of Soccer. As a player he went through all categories until playing in the Spanish Third Division before crossing the pond and settling in New York. There he continued to play in the Cosmopolitan Soccer League for 9 years and currently coaches in the same league.


My motivation in this project is the love of sports. I always wanted to dedicate myself professionally to something related to sports and this project is a dream come true. Being able to help the new generation of athletes and give them the opportunity to choose their future is very rewarding.


As an immigrant, I know how difficult the process of leaving your own country is.

There are many questions that you should know before, and being able to have people to support and guide you during the process is something very valuable for families.


I know the possibilities that the United States can offer and I want to share them with the new generation of students. I think that my experience and knowledge in the two continents could be very useful for athletes.

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